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If you are looking for an experienced bearing expert to answer your questions or assist with your bearing needs, then look no further than the Monarch Bearing Company. Established in 1945, our family-owned and operated business is backed by more than six decades of professional experience. We offer the following services and products to our customers throughout Southern California:

  • Ball Bearings: Given the purpose of ball bearings, which is to reduce rotational friction while supporting radial and axial loads, we know that the same type of ball bearing cannot be applied to every case. Therefore, we offer a number of different types of ball bearings, including instrument ball bearings, machine tool ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, slim ball bearings, super precision ball bearings, unground ball bearings, linear ball bearings, miniature ball bearings, single-row ball bearings, spindle ball bearings, and thrust ball bearings.
  • Mounted Bearings: The mounted bearings that we offer include babbitt mounted bearings, cartridge-mounted bearings, graphite-mounted bearings, hinged-top mounted bearings, piloted flange mounted bearings, roller-mounted bearings, spherical mounted bearings, split-spherical mounted bearings, tapered roller mounted bearings, takeups mounted bearings, stainless mounted bearings, split-roller mounted bearings, sleeve oil mounted bearings, pressed-steel mounted bearings, pillow-blocked mounted bearings, high-temperature mounted bearings, flanged mounted bearings, and bronze mounted bearings.
  • Roller Bearings: Our rolling-element bearings include cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, thrust roller bearings, cam followers, roller clutch bearings, and tapered roller bearings. These roller bearings carry loads by placing rolling elements between the two bearing rings.
  • Sleeve Bearings: Among the many types of sleeve bearings that we offer at Monarch Bearing Company are aluminum bronze sleeve bearings, electric motor sleeve bearings, machined sleeve bearings, oil impregnated sleeve bearings, rod ends sleeve bearings, solid bronze sleeve bearings, wear plate sleeve bearings, Babbitt sleeve bearings, graphite sleeve bearings, non-metallic sleeve bearings, powdered iron sleeve bearings, sintered bronze sleeve bearings, and spherical bushings sleeve bearings.
  • Special Bearings: At Monarch Bearing Company, we also use special products / bearings. Our special bearings include hanger bearings and pulley bearings.
  • Material Handling: The material handling equipment that is used for bearing can make all the difference. Our experts at Monarch Bearing Company use top-of-the-line products that include transmission belting and vulcanizing belting.
  • Bulk Conveyors: The bulk material conveyors used at Monarch Bearing Company are apron conveyors, drag chain conveyors and belt conveyors.
  • Components: The material handling components that we utilize at Monarch Bearing Company are ball transfers, drag chains, casters/wheels, and belt cleaners.
  • Linear Motion: Our linear motion systems include ball bushings and precision shafting.
  • Power Transmission: The power transmission equipment that we use at Monarch Bearing Company is as follows: adjustable speed belt drives, cog belt drives, fractional horsepower belt drives, flat belt drives, flex link belt drives, high torque belt drives, Kevlar drive belts, leather belt drives, metric belt drives, micro V drive belts, multiple band belt drives, multiple fabric drive belts, O-ring belt drives, poly chain belt drives, poly-V belt drives, synchronous belt drives, timing belts, V belt drives, and variable belt drives.
  • Chain Drives: Our standard and custom-engineered chain drives also include chain attachments, chain drive conveyors, delrin drive chains, engineered chain drives, ladder drive chains, chain links, mattop chain drives, multi-strand chain drives, non-metallic drive chains, O-ring chains, roller chains, silent / HV drive chains, side bow drive chains, table top chain drives, and stainless steel chains.
  • Couplings: The following types of couplings are offered at Monarch Bearing Company: chain couplings, gear couplings, shear pin couplings, universal limiting couplings, adapters couplings, jaw couplings, torque limiting couplings, and universal joints couplings.
  • Gears: Our gears include bevel gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, miter gears, non-metal gears, planetary gears, racks and gears, specials made to order, spiral bevel gears, spur gears, and worm gears.
  • Sheaves/Pulleys: The belt pulleys and variable sheave systems that we use are: conveyor pulleys sheaves and drums, finish bore pulleys and sheaves, fractional horsepower pulleys and sheaves, high-torque drives sheaves and pulleys, idler pulleys and sheaves, keyless busing sheaves and pulleys, multiple-groove sheaves and pulleys, QD sheaves and pulleys, pressed-steel sheaves and pulleys, split taper sheaves and pulleys, taper lock pulleys and sheaves, timing pulleys and sheaves, variable speed sheaves and pulleys, and winged pulleys and sheaves.
  • Sprockets: At Monarch Bearing Company, we are chain sprocket specialists. Our products include bored-to-size sprockets, conveyor chain sprockets, flame cut sprockets, custom made to order sprockets, plan bore sprockets QD sprockets, shear pin sprockets, roller chain sprockets, silent chain sprockets, single sprockets, double sprockets, triple sprockets, split taper sprockets, and taper lock sprockets.
  • Chemicals: If you’re looking for any of the following industrial chemicals, come to the Monarch Bearing Company: adhesives, FDA grease, high-low temperature grease, lubricants, sealants, solvents and cleaners, penetrants, belt dressings, and hand cleansers.
  • Maintenance Tools: We offer maintenance tools such as hand tools, gear pullers, levelers / mounts, bearing pullers, and pliers at the Monarch Bearing Company.
  • Sealing & Retaining: Sealing and retaining at Monarch Bearing Company can be accomplished through lock nuts and washers, O-rings (inch / metric), oil seals (inch / metric), and retaining rings.

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To learn more about the equipment that we offer at Monarch Bearing Company, call us today at (323) 582-8321 or (800) 464-6411 to speak with a representative from our Los Angeles location. If you would like to speak to a representative from our Santa Fe Springs location, call us at (562) 945-1288 or (877) 474-5777. Our Southern California bearing company is here to help you!

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